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19 Jan. 22

Basic Principles of Decorating with Feng Shui for a Happier Life

If you are interested in decoration and you follow the ideas and trends about decorations that make you feel good, you must have heard of the Feng Shui style decoration, which has come to the fore all over the world in recent years. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to find balance and harmony among the elements. Feng Shui style decoration emphasizes physical and mental health, success and healthy relationships achieved through the flow of positive energy.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui, which we can define as a kind of placement art or decoration teaching as it is used today, is about positioning different elements correctly in order to optimize the energy called “chi”. The meaning of the term feng shui consists of two words: “feng” meaning wind (and breath) and “shui” meaning water. These two elements are not only important symbols as essential and vital elements for human existence, but also elements that move and flow around the world. While the principles of feng shui philosophy apply to many aspects of life, they are often applied in interior design because the tools used in feng shui teaching can be easily applied to our living spaces and offer us a better, peaceful and serene quality of life in our homes.

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Feng shui philosophy originated from Taoism and Ancient China. We can think of this philosophy as a way of understanding our place in the natural world and also our connection to the universe. As we mentioned, the feng shui philosophy is not really just a design and decoration teaching, but feng shui principles and ideals can inspire the way you decorate a living space. We can design our homes from a feng shui perspective and use the feng shui philosophy when applying basic design elements such as light and color. Symbolizing the two natural elements we need to survive, feng shui allows us to bring the natural energies back to our homes of modern people who live disconnected from nature.

Feng shui decoration rules

According to feng shui teaching, if you want to update your decoration and ensure natural and good energy flow in your home, the first thing you need to know is the five important elements of feng shui: wood, metal, earth, water and fire.
– Wooden
It symbolizes growth and vitality. Placing wooden items in your living spaces encourages personal growth and healing. You can add this essential element of feng shui to your home by using plants and wooden furniture.
– Metal
It symbolizes logic and intelligence. It emphasizes knowledge and mental acuity and invokes the energy to develop them. You can add this element to your living spaces with metal frames or trinkets, sculptures.
– Soil
It represents stability and balance. It helps to build a balanced and stable life. You can use rocks, sand and stones and landscape images to represent the earth element in your decoration.
– Water
It symbolizes wisdom and serenity. It helps to reveal a comfortable and peaceful living space. Mirrors, reflective surfaces and aquariums are all different ways to add the water element to your space.
– Fire
It symbolizes passion and energy. It represents transformation, expansion and enthusiasm. You can decorate your living spaces with a fire element by using candles and red objects.
Creating Harmony
If we want to create a decoration according to the principles of feng shui philosophy, harmony stands out as another very important factor. Correct use of design elements, placement of the five basic elements in harmony with the energy flow and using colors that are compatible with each other are both aesthetically pleasing and fluent; You can also create an interior decoration where the energy flow is designed correctly.
Lighting design (Yin and Yang)
One way to approach design using feng shui principles is to think of the lighting in your home in terms of yin and yang. Bright light is the uplifting yang energy that moves us. Low, dim light is yin energy, which is dark, quiet, and restful. Without forgetting that you need a balance of both, you can design the lighting elements in your home to establish this balance. Using the lighting in harmony to meet the yin and yang energies will increase your personal energy in your daily life.
– Feng shui bedroom decoration suggestion
In order to regulate your daily life rhythm and encourage your body to wake up and sleep at appropriate times, you should allow natural light to filter through the windows. If the room you sleep in is a room that allows the street lights to be illuminated at night, then you should use blackout curtains to provide natural darkness at night.
Feng shui colors and forms
Just like the materials of furniture and furniture and the five basic elements, colors have a very important place in fenk shui decoration. Inspired by the cycles of nature, the feng shui philosophy also emphasizes natural energies in color choices. According to feng shui, the basic elements of nature can be represented by certain colors, shapes, and materials, and using them in your interior decorations creates ways to bring the energies of the five elements into your home.
– Red and yellow
The color red represents the fire element from the five basic elements and brings the energy offered by fire to our home. In addition to the color red, you can supply the inspiring, uplifting fire energy with triangular objects.
The color equivalent of the earth element, which represents stability and balance, is yellow and earth tones. Square-shaped objects reflect the energy of the earth element.
– Black and white
White and metallic tones are the colors we prefer when we want to use metal energy in our home. We can support this energy with round shaped furniture.
The water element, on the other hand, can be represented by shapeless, flowing, angular objects that do not conform to a certain form, just like water. As for the color, according to the feng shui philosophy, black represents water, although it may seem surprising at first glance.
– Shades of green and blue
Although it is surprising, green tones and sea blue represent the healing energy that wood gives to nature and people. The reason for this is, of course, the tones of the plants. We can say that objects and columns that extend just like trees symbolize the form of this energy.